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Hi, my name is Sarah Male and I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer. I specialise in safe and effective training throughout pregnancy and after birth.

I am a business owner, a wife and a mum to Jordy 4, and Ella 2. I love running, working out from home and hanging at the beach with my family.

When I had my son Jordy I was working as a Flight Attendant and ended up injuring myself after going for a slow jog 3 months after he was born. It required months of physiotherapy and rest just to get back to walking and sitting without pain which was not ideal with a newborn. I wanted to create a step by step program on how to return to exercise safely when I knew I was pregnant with my daughter so I became a Personal Trainer and then completed numerous courses in pregnancy and postnatal exercise. I consulted with Obstetricians, Women’s Health Physios and GP’s to create the program (initially just for myself), and have now helped hundreds of mums follow the same process!

I love helping people achieve their goals and I look forward to helping you achieve yours!

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