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My name is Kahili, I am a Sydney based Holistic Nutritionist, Pilates Instructor and Mother.

I have over 11 years experience working in varies facets of the Health & Fitness Industry. I started my career as a Personal Trainer & Weight loss Consultant, specialising in women’s health. It was during my years spent as a Personal Trainer that I developed a profound drive to help women feel confident in their own skin. Throughout this time I saw many beautiful women transform their bodies and find true inner strength through the power of exercise. There was always a missing piece to the puzzle; the impact of food, dietary habits and behaviours. I knew that for me to be the best mentor, coach and trainer to my clients, I needed to delve further into human health and have a stronger understanding of what was happening inside the body and how I could support my clients nutritionally. This desire lead me to pursue further study to become a Nutrition Practitioner.

As a mother & practicing nutritionist, I am passionate towards helping mothers & mothers-to-be navigate their way through the life changing stages of pregnancy and post natal healing. Aiming to provide education and guidance through the antenatal period to ensure my clients feel like they have the tools and support their bodies need as they transition towards motherhood. The female body goes through such profound dynamic changes, it’s important to make certain that we are moving the body correctly and nourishing the body with the right foods.

My objective in clinical practice is to guide my clients to make the right food choices through realistic lifestyle changes and education. Together we look at the entire body holistically, correcting any potential imbalances and by implementing a step by step protocol to ensure they reach their own unique goals. Developing strategies that are long term and address all areas of their health to ensure the body is working in true alignment.

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Business Type: Kahili Blundell is based in Sydney and is also offers virtual consultations.

Main Products: Pregnancy and Postnatal Nutrition


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