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I have just started training with Sarah now that my baby is 12 weeks old and I am loving it. Sarah’s knowledge with postnatal exercise is so encouraging and you really feel supported and safe. I have always hesitated with joining a Mums fitness group because of being so nervous as I have never exercised before but Sarah has made me feel so welcome from the start! Looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with The Mummy Trainer

– Bonnie

Woohoo! I completed the TMT Postnatal program and I’m glad I did. After having my first baby I found I still had leakage 12 months after while skipping or doing any kind of jogging. This time around completely different story. I started TMT Postnatal program at 6 weeks with clearance from my Physio. What I loved the most from the start was knowing the importance of pelvic floor exercises (the daily reminder was worth its weight in gold). I slowly completed the program at my own pace and I’m happy to say since completing the program I have been able to re-join my gym and…. drum roll…. do high intensity sprints (15km/hr) without any down below problems!!! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much to Sarah for creating a great return to exercise program for beginner mamas to even the most experienced!

– Lisa

I’ve been so lucky to find @the.mummy.trainer. I seriously had some trouble finding some clear and friendly information about safely returning to exercise after giving birth. I have completed the postnatal program and now I’m back doing PT with all the strength and cardio work that I love (even though it kills me!) So take it from me… @the.mummy.trainer’s online program is a must! So many people get injured after pregnancy as they don’t know how to safely exercise. If you’re on the GC you can train with Sarah in person (she is such a beautiful person and Miller just LOOOOVES her, and she know her stuff!)

– Lauren

I started doing one on one sessions with Sarah a month or so ago and have now picked up the Group PT. After being unable to exercise for most of my pregnancy I hastily joined a different mum specific bootcamp at 6 weeks post-partum. I found not only could I not keep up but a lot of the workouts were quite unrealistic and dangerous for my new mummy body. This left me feeling unfit, frustrated and a little scared of exercise.
After the first session with Sarah I knew I had found something different. Sarah really personalises each session and is able to push me while staying safe and keeping within the limitations of my body. Not only that but she is excellent with my 6 month old girl.
Thanks to Sarah I’ve got my mojo back and am feeling positive about getting healthier and stronger, losing this mum tum and setting a great example for my little one. I can’t recommend her enough!


Sarah is amazing! She is great with my children during our PT sessions & has trained me back into better shape than before I had kids.


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