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Helping Thousands of Mums Feel Happy and Healthy Through Pregnancy and Beyond

Whether you are experiencing perinatal anxiety, struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction, Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), or simply trying to regain your physical wellbeing, The Mummy Trainer online program has all the tools you need to safely ​return to exercise and feel healthy and strong again.

Be the happiest, healthiest mum you could ever be...

The Mummy Trainer Online Program

The TMT online program was professionally designed to guide you through a happy, healthy and safe pregnancy and postnatal journey with videos and eBooks that contain all the must know exercises and information for both first-time and seasoned mummies.

A breakdown of the TMT online program


TMT Pregnancy

Sail through each trimester of your pregnancy whilst keeping your body and mind healthy and active. These exercises are broken down into each trimester of pregnancy and will set you up for a comfortable and successful pregnancy from the comfort of your home.


TMT Postnatal

Safely whip back into shape and get as healthy as you were before giving birth. We’ll start gently to protect your body, considering all the changes it has gone through and then progress all the way up to make you a fitter, healthier mum ready to take on motherhood.


TMT Core & Pelvic Floor

A strong core and pelvic floor are crucial since most changes in our bodies have taken place in these two areas. These exercises are effective in preventing involuntary leakage, alleviating back pain and making you feel more comfortable altogether. 


TMT Chill 

In case you are a little stressed and overwhelmed with the newfound mum responsibilities – yes, I know it’s not all blue skies – we have a relaxation zone ready for you. Unwind and release all your tension and loosen up your tightness with blissful meditations and a pleasant stretching routine that will bring peace and joy back to your day.



Now we are cranking it up a bit from 12 weeks postpartum to strengthen your pelvic floor and fix that abdominal separation. Once you are strong enough, we can safely progress onto the next phase, which delivers more intense and high impact exercises to step up your fitness level and tone your body.



When you feel that urge to go out and get some sunlight and fresh air, running is always a good option. This program will take you from a beginner runner to running 5km without stopping. Just lace up and get ready for a seamless progress that will truly surprise you.


TMT Facebook Forum

Join thousands of other mums who are currently going through the same  challenges you are. Exchange useful information and get invaluable advice on motherhood and wellbeing. We are here to connect with each other and support all the beautiful mums in our community.

Hello beautiful mums!

See what our mums have to say about their progress with the TMT online program and how it helped them get stronger and healthier through pregnancy and beyond from the comfort of their homes.


It's been so great for my mental health

I am 3 weeks into my journey with the Post Natal @the.mummy.trainer online program and I am LOVING it! I've been doing about 3 workouts per week from home, which is great because I just don't have enough time in my day to go to the gym. What I love about the 6 week post natal program is that it feels like a cross between a Pilates session and some strength training. It's super gentle, and each week the workouts are getting more gym-like and less Pilates-like and I feel it's been absolutely perfect for this time in my life. 

It's been so great for my mental health to hand over the kids to my husband, find a spot in my house and have 15-18 mins to myself to move my body. It's having a positive flow effect on my diet and also encouraging me to go for more walks.


Clear and friendly information

I’ve been so lucky to find @the.mummy.trainer. I seriously had some trouble finding some clear and friendly information about safely returning to exercise after giving birth. I have completed the postnatal program and now I’m back to the physical activities I used to do before I got pregnant. And guess what? I feel amazing! So many people get injured after pregnancy as they don’t know how to safely exercise. So take it from me… @the.mummy.trainer’s online program is a must for all mums who like to exercise!


Worth its weight in gold

Woohoo! I completed the TMT Postnatal program and I’m glad I did. After having my first baby I found I still had leakage 12 months after while skipping or doing any kind of jogging. This time around completely different story. I started TMT Postnatal program at 6 weeks with clearance from my Physio. What I loved the most from the start was knowing the importance of pelvic floor exercises (the daily reminder was worth its weight in gold). I slowly completed the program at my own pace and I’m happy to say since completing the program I have been able to re-join my gym and…. drum roll…. do high intensity sprints (15km/hr) without any down below problems!!! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much to Sarah for creating a great return to exercise program for beginner mamas to even the most experienced!

And there is more!

When signing up for the TMT online program you'll also get 3 additional eBooks!

ebook 1
TMT Nutrition

Our tailored TMT Nutrition Guide will help you keep healthy and eating right.

ebook 2
TMT Hospital Essentials

Know what exactly what you'll need to pack and make sure nothing essential is left behind.

ebook 3
TMT Goal setting

Goal setting is fundamental for success. Let's set you some goals and keep on top of everything.

A little about Sarah Male & TMT

Welcome to The Mummy Trainer online program! My name is Sarah Male and I’m a mum to Jordy (4) and Ella (2).

I’m happy you have come to the TMT page, as I know exactly how you may be feeling in preparation to giving birth to your beautiful child and also if you have already given birth – in this case, a huge congratulations, mummy, and all my best wishes to the fam!

I’ve been there not long ago and want to share with you everything I’ve learned along the way about being a healthy and active mummy so you have a joyful and comfortable pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Twelve weeks after giving birth to Jordy, I injured my hip on my very first slow jog attempt.

The result was two months physiotherapy to repair the damage and strengthen the muscles required to return to exercise. This proved to be both frustrating and expensive.

This is exactly when I said...

I want to study and develop a step by step postnatal program that I can follow so that I don’t get injured when we have another baby and that will allow me to help other Mums follow the same process and avoid my mistakes.”

From there the ideas started building, and after giving birth to Ella I invested everything I could into learning about postpartum exercise.

I became a qualified Personal Trainer with several qualifications in pregnancy and postnatal exercise and consulted with Obstetricians, Women’s Health Physiotherapists, and Nutritionists to develop the best possible program for all the mummies out there.

I have lived and breathed the TMT program and managed to achieve a health and fitness level I never dreamt could be possible for a mum. And the best thing is that I did all of this by living a normal life. No crash diets or crazy workout routines involved. Just a simple, safe and effective plan.

If I could do it, so can you! Get in touch and we'll do it together!

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My promise to you

​I know it’s hard to trust someone straight off the bat. Especially on the internet, where there are crazy offers popping up everywhere, all the time.

I’ve been there myself, collecting poor and harmful advice that, if anything at all, worked out to be a setback to my recovery process, putting me further away from where I was aspiring to be.

That’s why I want you to know that there are no strings attached to the TMT program and you are free to leave at any time in the first 30 days, with no hassle whatsoever.

My main commitment is that you feel 100% satisfied with what you are getting out of TMT and are able to achieve your goals through the program.

If that is not the case, then I will be happy to offer you a full refund as quickly as you can click on the mouse!